Build a Successful Working Relationship with your Virtual Executive Assistant

Your Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA) can save you a huge amount of time — time that you can put right back into your business by working on tasks such as calendar and email management, research, working with data, and even social media management.

Learn to efficiently coordinate and delegate tasks so that you can maximize the time of your VEA. Here are 3 things you can do to ensure a successful working relationship with your VEA:

Use the right tools

There are many useful tools available online like Google Drive, Zoom, Asana, and Slack, that allow you to effectively communicate, collaborate, and share ideas online.

When researching the right tools for your team, make sure they do the job effectively and offer multiple functions, because the less tools you introduce to your team, the less confusing it is for everyone. Make sure your team is fully trained on the tools you select so your team can perform at its best. 

Great Communication

Organize a weekly check-in with your VEA — or more frequent when they’re new. Allow time to discuss current projects and have open discussion for ideas or suggestions.

When delegating a new task, make sure you brief your VEA, giving clear instructions along with all the resources needed. Always allow for questions and keep all lines of communication open. 

Clear and reasonable deadlines

Your VEA is more than capable of completing a wide variety of tasks, but don’t forget that they’re only human and will have limits to the amount of work they can produce in a certain amount of time. If you want quality work returned, provide your VEA with reasonable deadlines and reassess and prioritize the list of tasks you’ve given each week.

If you’re ready to hire a VEA so you can invest the time you save back into your business, let D’Agency help! We will match you with one of our skilled VEAs, today!

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