Meet Jen, Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA) at D’Agency. Jen’s jam packed workday starts off by teaming up with her husband to get their twelve-year old son and twin five-year old girls up and ready for school. 

Allowing herself time from her busy schedule to express her creativity as a form of relaxation, Jen also runs La Papelle Designs, an online print shop, where she sells a range of prints, from home décor, apparel, and party favors. Apart from being able to create, Jen takes joy in knowing that her business is inspired by friends, family, and the special moments that allow her home creations to be part of.

When she’s not working, Jen simply enjoys the company of her family over a home cooked meal and conversation around the dinner table. Jen hopes to instill the importance of family time at dinner as something her kids can take and implement when they have families of their own.

Jen says her top three must haves when working from home are: her phone holder, so I can watch her favorite shows while working; a laptop, so I can work anywhere in the house and outside during the summer months; and headphones, for the times she needs to tune the noise around her, out.

What are your top three must haves? Comment and share below!

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