Six Tasks you Can Assign to Your Virtual Executive Assistant

You know that one thing you never knew you needed until you got, and now can’t live without? To most people in business, that’s a Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA). Once you find a VEA that’s a perfect fit, they can be very useful in helping you free up time so you can refocus this time on the things that matter most to growing your business. 

Here are 6 tasks you can assign to your VEA:

Calendar Management and Scheduling

Managing a calendar and balancing a schedule is truly a skill and VEAs are just the person for the job. An organized VEA can make sure you and your team never miss an important meeting and include all the important links and components to your virtual meetings.

1. Email Management

Managing an email inbox can be quite frustrating for anyone, but one that can’t be left undone. A trusted VEA can help answer simple inquiries, forward emails to the appropriate people or department, organize email folders, sync important meetings to your calendar, and leave all the important emails for your review. 

2. Research and Information Gathering

It seems as though there is never an end to the amount of information new businesses can take in. Research on potential clients and industry products can be very helpful when growing a new business. A VEA is more than capable of collecting this crucial data and taking on these research-related tasks.

3. Working With Data

Metrics and raw data are everywhere these days and can be very useful to your business, but this data may first need to be combed through and translated into plain English or put into a format that can be understood, at a glance. Let your VEA manage this daunting task so you can use this data for the next steps in your business plan.

4. Social Media and Content Creation

VEAs can also be very useful if they have experience in managing social media platforms. Once your VEA is familiar with your brand, product, company voice, and company values — and you are comfortable with assigning social media related tasks — the possibilities are endless. A VEA can help you with certain tasks such as: posting and engaging with followers, curating or creating content for posts, influencer outreach, researching the latest news-related topics, and checking basic metrics. 

Personal Tasks

Sometimes you will need less business-related tasks completed, but just take up too much of your time. VEAs can help by making reservations, handwriting cards or thank you notes, sending or arranging gift or flower deliveries, and coordinating staff events.

These are just some tasks you can start your VEA on. As they grow with the company, you will soon realize that your VEA will quickly become a very integral part of your business, knowing all the ins and outs and forming important connections that relate to your day-to-day operations. 

Let D’Agency match you with one of our VEAs that will change the way you operate your business, for the best!

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