Virtual Executive Assistants on the Rise

Do you find yourself tied down with never ending tasks that seem to prevent you from doing what matters most — growing your business? Perhaps it’s time you get yourself a virtual executive assistant — or two!

With a massive shift in the way most businesses around the world operate, the global pandemic has forced many offices and its team members to work from home. With this change, it seems nowadays there is an abundance of virtual work and of course, a rising need for VEAs. 

More than just assistants

When most people think of a VEA, they think of someone managing inquiries, setting up meetings and juggling a calendar — and while to some extent this may be true, these days VEAs play a bigger part in a business and a huge asset to any company, through and through.

Experienced VEAs, especially one that’s grown with the company are more like Project Managers, in a sense. They know the ins and out of the business, make all the network connections, and in most cases are able to put together a team and spearhead a task end-to-end. 

Finding your fit

Finding the right VEA can definitely be a process, but one worth investing in if you’re really looking for a long-term VEA, because once you’ve found one that’s a good fit, the possibilities are endless.

Now, you can find VEA services with a few clicks anywhere online and it can be very daunting, but there are definitely a few things to consider when weighing out your options:

  • Overseas VEAs — this can be the more cost-effective option for any new entrepreneur or anyone who is wanting to try out a VEA service, however, cheaper always comes with a downside. You may run into issues with time differences, language, and customs and/or traditions.
  • Independent VEAs — there are many online platforms or threads that allow independent VEAs to create a “post for hire.” Do your due diligence and research the VEA. Set your expectations in an interview so they also know what they’re in for. Hiring will always be a risk, but again, once you find the VEA that suits your needs, this can be great for you!
  • Agency VEAs – hiring a VEA through an agency is probably the more risk-free option. Connect with a trusted agency who will match you to the VEA that suits your needs, from a pool of pre-screened agency VEAs. If one isn’t quite working out, you know that you’re hiring from a team that can easily find your next match. 

The future of the way businesses are run is quickly changing. Let D’Agency match you with one of our VEAs that will ease the stress of the ever changing economy. 

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